This week we learning what a Zine is and how we can make them. We grabbed a bunch of maga”zines” and started cutting out images or texts related to the given subject of this weeks reading.

We got to fill in a few questionaries to help the teachers profile the students on learning techniques and way of thinking.
Using this personality test https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality
I got the INFP-A, THE MEDIATOR https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality. At first I didn’t agree with the test results, mainly due to the title “ Mediator” but after I read the description I started to agree.
The sentence “Revealing their beauty and their secrets trough metaphors and fictional characters” describes me really, really well.
I quote The Office and Brooklyn Nine Nine daily. I am always happy and enthusiastic ! And love to explore new ideas.
Interactive sound portrait :

Sound scape
Plot party
This week we help a plot / mapping party, We got split up into teams of 2 / 3 and got the assignment to research your peers’ preferences when it comes to working in collaborative environments. Andy, Kat and I teamed up and came up with the idea to build a slider board where users can take a slider and slide it to the position of their liking.
The minor kicked off with an introduction round to get to know each other a little beter. We paired up into groups and started asking really intimate questions, for a sped up interaction process.

We got the assignment to draw each others face without looking and with one hand. This was quite fun tot do and resulted in so hilarious drawings.
Creating a painting without thinking beforehand about the subject and colours you want to use. I find these paintings incredible impressive and often beautiful. Listening to your body and painting exactly what you feel in that moment, being influenced by nothing more than your direct surrounding. Completely living in your own little world for a couple of hours, painting and painting. Being able to let go of your troubles and doubts and do nothing more and nothings less than creating your painting.
Most ads are carefully constructed and tested before being released. Tone of voice, clearness, message and a lot more topics are being evaluated. One of these topics are the persuasion techniques. Cialdini wrote a few years back a book about the 7 persuasion techniques used by companies to persuade you. Reciprocity, commitment, social proof, authority, liking, scarcity and unity. Each persuasion technique can be used in various settings. For instance: If you go grocery shopping and you get a few “saving stamps” extra. I really like these kind techniques and always try to find them in the wild.
Unlearning manifesto
Being able to build strong and beautiful structures / furnitures is a “silent” dream of mine. Creating something you designed out of a block of wood all by yourself, without any computer help I find fascinating. As Nick Offerman once’s said “The pride you get from building something that wasn’t there before. It’s the best feeling there is.“ Mastering a tool for instance is something that takes years to accomplish.
3D Flower pot
This week we got the assignment to work in pairs and design a 3D model in Fusion 360.

Printing an exploring packaging and modelling. We first carefully deconstructed products and saw how this product was fabricated. For instance special groves and gaps help screws and other parts connect beter. Audrey and I got to deconstruct a bike radio. This is clearly designed for practical use. The radio is packed tight together and looks / feels robust to reduce fall damage.
Knowledge Mile map
This week we exploder ways how people map data and visualise data. Mapping the Knowledge mile and creating a map out of this data.
We formed groups of 4 and started planning our walk. After the walk we spliced into groups of 2 and build and designed our own concept.
IR Receiver & Piezo buzzer
This week we explored electronics unfortunately I was sick for most of the lessons, except for the expo. But I made the assignment at home to keep up with the rest of the class.
The expo was a material fair. This was a bit out of context for me personally. I don’t know a lot about material specifications and experienced a knowledge gap between the fair hosts and me. It was fun to see some exquisite materials. Such as the angle based reflection glass. When you stand right in front of the glass you can see trough it, but when you move aside the glass becomes cloudy.
Processing opinions
This week we learned about algorithms and Mortiz gave a great presentation about Processing. This was really useful as I used processing in my own initiated project. Processing is written in Java. I found out that the basics of Java are very similar to JavaScript, a language I know.
3D printed / laser cut vinyl record
Printing a vinyl record on a 3D printer. The record will be generated from a mp3.

Cut a vinyl record using a laser cutter. The record will be generated from a mp3.