I get you want to spark a discussion where we think about serious issues in the world. But we ( At least I did ) came here to learn about how to make things and how we can include a message with this made product.

I really don’t want to talk about why more products are made with white plastic than black plastic ( White plastic is cheaper due to the chemical compounds used ). The reason why bandage is white is also not racial at all. In order to see blood or pus quickly, hospitals use white bandages.

Personally I wouldn’t mind having a discussion about something related to the minor, but not for 3 hours.
Get rid of hot-glue
Hot-glue might be a program with a low learning curve and requires non / to low knowledge about webdesign. But the interface and code is absolutely terrible. The webpage prints an error every time an object changes status, the interface is terrible designed and works 1 / 10 times. And the most annoying missing feature is the lack of undo-ing actions. ( cmd + z )

I can build a beter website, in less time and less cursing in bloody Indesign.
So my advice for next years minor, lose Hot-glue and replace it with something like Indesign, Wix, Square-space or Sketch.
3 hour long discussions about racism
This is partially my fault. I expected a lot more theoretical learning about lasers and 3D printers. Knowing how a laser works and / or produced can help drastically with the understanding and prediction of certain actions or experiments.

I should have said something about this earlier in the course.
More theoretical lessons
hands on learning
Overal I quitte like the “hands on “ learning technique. It really gives a feeling of accomplishment.
Learning subjects
Personally the content covered this few weeks are very similar to the CMD content covered in the first 2 years. Subjects such as the basics of laser cutting, 3D printing and the Arduino. It really felt like a repetition, which isn’t bad, but I had to lift my own experimenting and difficulty to a higher level. This meant I sometimes worked a little longer on projects. Anyway, I think the minor would benefit if the content was a bit more coordinated with the CMD courses
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Featuring the popular "Getting rid of Hot glue" song.