WEEK 1 :
The minor kicked off with an introduction round to get to know each other a little beter. We paired up into groups and started asking really intimate questions, for a sped up interaction process.

We got the assignment to draw each others face without looking and with one hand. This was quite fun tot do and resulted in so hilarious drawings.

This week we learning what a Zine is and how we can make them. We grabbed a bunch of maga”zines” and started cutting out images or texts related to the given subject of this weeks reading.

We got to fill in a few questionaries to help the teachers profile the students on learning techniques and way of thinking.
Using this personality test https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality
I got the INFP-A, THE MEDIATOR https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality. At first I didn’t agree with the test results, mainly due to the title “ Mediator” but after I read the description I started to agree.
The sentence “Revealing their beauty and their secrets trough metaphors and fictional characters” describes me really, really well.
I quote The Office and Brooklyn Nine Nine daily. I am always happy and enthusiastic ! And love to explore new ideas.
Interactive sound portrait : 

Sound scape
ZINE : Digital Fabrication
You’ve all been in education for more than 10 years, and counting. Soaking up new skills, knowledge and approaches to topics and themes relating to your field and interests. Your professional training introduces you to a discipline: field of study or professional field. You education is meant to show and teach you how you can become part of a field of practitioners and understand the rules of the game. The word discipline also carries the meaning of being able to abide by rules, do as expected, and the ability to bring yourself to doing the work expected, even if you
Interactive sound portrait
Make an interactive sound portrait to introduce your classmate ( or one of his/her signature traits ) to the rest of the class.

But first, Explore different uses of the soundboard.
In class we first got to experiment with an interaction board. When you connect the board to an object and you touch the object, the board will make a sound. Super cool to tryout!

Asle and I connected the board to an appel and conductive paint. This gave me an idea for the ported of Asle.

I started with an interview of Asle, the person I will portrait.

Characteristics of Asle :
- Cat person
- Likes people
- Loyal to his friends
- Biggest motivator is meaning.
- And meaning is crucial.
- Idealistic but disillusionist
- Fun is meaningful
- Likes to kite board
- Would by new kite gear if he’d win the lottery
- Likes to do everything
- Wants to make an object, ( Real life object )
In the first class we did a blind one-line drawing of the other person. I really like how the result looks and the idea behind it. You take a quick look at the other person before you draw his face. You try to draw the characteristics of his face or try to in capture his personality. ( at least the expression you got in the first hour of meeting each other ).

The frame was made using 3 pieces of 4mm MDF, and cut using the 4mm MDF preset on the laser cutter. Afterwords I glued the pieces together and spanned a canvas over the framework.
The image :
Sound :
Interaction :
I read a myth a while ago, about scientists being able to extract sounds from the paint on a painting. They drag a needle across the painting and listen to the vibrations in the paint. I works just like a vinyl. When you listen to the recordings you should be able to hear sounds from when the painting was being painted. The dry paint interrogates the wave forms from people speaking.
Asle really wants to learn to work with his hands. He likes to touch things and I thought an interactive painting where he can touch the paint would be the perfect solution.
Design Research
In the first week I recreated a concept for an interactive painting of Asle’s face. The painting will be painted with conductive paint to enable users to touch the painting and experience an interaction.
Collaborative Learning
Asle and I worked together on an interactive installation as an experiment with the Makey Makey. We started brainstorming and Asle quickly came up with the idea of the forbidden fruit. An installation where an apple rests on a piece of conductive cloth. When a person tries to grab the apple the cloth registers an object within a range of 20cm. While Asle was setting up the Makey Makey, I changed a few lines of code with the help of Sherley ( She shared a more precise file ). After we made the forbidden fruit Asle and I started thinking and came up with a Monty Python inspired painting. When a user touches the feet of the soldier on the painting, you would hear : “No, it’s just a flesh wound”. And when an user touches the shield, you would hear : “We are the knights who say, Ney, Ney, Ney “
Maker Skills & Attitude
I painted for the first time with conductive paint and found out that conductive paint is really hard to paint with. The paint is very thick which results in a hard time for creating elegant brush strokes.

Asle and I experimented with a few conductors, ( an apple, cloth, a cup, human skin ) just for fun.

ZINE : curators of the week
Each week 2 students curate and bundel this weeks zines together. For the first week Elisa and I chose to be the guinea pigs. The collaboration was very smoothly. We brainstormed for a little bit and decided to build a wooden cover. The next day we told Loes, but she wasn't as enthusiastic about the idea as we were. So we change course and created a booklet using Indesign and printed it on 300gram mat paper.

The cover was made by Elisa and symbolises all the different zines of this week.

The zines where bound together using a robe. We used the laser cutter for inserting small gaps in the center of the booklet.

While I was trying to build a frame for the painting, I accidentally stapled the canvas on the wrong side. This resulted in a not well strung canvas. First I didn’t understand what I had done wrong, but Elisa pointed out that I stapled the canvas on the wrong side. So this was a noice learning moment to ask someone for help before you drive in a hundred staples, trying to fix something.