WEEK 2 :
This week we help a plot / mapping party, We got split up into teams of 2 / 3 and got the assignment to research your peers’ preferences when it comes to working in collaborative environments. Andy, Kat and I teamed up and came up with the idea to build a slider board where users can take a slider and slide it to the position of their liking.
Plot party
ZINE : Digital Fabrication
When people or things start working together as a collective, we tend to strive towards a better future. Unfortunately we life in a society that tries to tares us all apart. Politics, religions, race and nationalism is the common divider here. Building walls as an act of defending “your” property. I strive for a world where humans and computers collide and collaborate on improving our quality of live. A world where “property” is obsolete and collectivity is the norm.
Plot party
Design and create a “plot party*” to research your peers’ preferences when it comes to working in collaborative environments. Come up with an evocative statement or question that you can invite your classmates to respond to, based on this week’s readings.
We first drew a few ideas on paper and unanimous decided that a board with sliders would be the coolest to make. Andy drew the idea on a paper and tried to see if there were any hick-ups we had to account for. Next I made a new illustrator file were I drew the board and sliders. I came up with an easy sliding system were we glue two tree pieces of wood on top of each other to create a gap were the piece can slide in. We tested this system before hand on a scrap piece of wood. We found out that the laser takes 0.15mm of space. So we had to make the sliding gap 0.15mm smaller than the slider.
When we showed our slider board Kaj pointed out that participators have to slide the individual slider downwards, this indicates that if you prefer to work by yourself is negative. We can improve this for a next time by building horizontal sliders instead of vertical.

The wood was cut with the laser cutter using the 4mm MDF preset. The paper was cut using a preset made by Elisa and Asle, 15 power - 200 speed.
Design Research
This week we created a mapping board were users can share their preferences on a predefined question or subject.

We researched different laser cutting presets and experimented with different slider widths. To account for the 0.15mm laser.
Collaborative Learning
This week Andy, Kat and I worked together. The collaboration went very smoothly. We didn’t argue, we just listened to each other and build upon our ideas. We all did our part and nobody neglected this.

We experimented with laser cutter and discovered some new insights.
Maker Skills & Attitude
We experimented with laser cutter and discovered some new insights. Such as that the laser has a width of 0.15mm.
We wanted a tight, grabbing fit, so we experimented with 0.15mm, 0.20mm and 0.10mm. We found that 0.10mm was the most to our liking to we incorporated this to all the 15 sliders and ran it trough the laser cutter.

We hot glued the pieces together. Kat thought the board looked a bit pale so we cut the sliders again on red paper and glued the paper on the wooden sliders. Giving the board a little more colour.

The circle slider stands for indivual and the triangle for collaboration