WEEK 3 :
Reading week
Creating a painting without thinking beforehand about the subject and colours you want to use. I find these paintings incredible impressive and often beautiful. Listening to your body and painting exactly what you feel in that moment, being influenced by nothing more than your direct surrounding. Completely living in your own little world for a couple of hours, painting and painting. Being able to let go of your troubles and doubts and do nothing more and nothings less than creating your painting.
Being able to build strong and beautiful structures / furnitures is a “silent” dream of mine. Creating something you designed out of a block of wood all by yourself, without any computer help I find fascinating. As Nick Offerman once’s said “The pride you get from building something that wasn’t there before. It’s the best feeling there is.“ Mastering a tool for instance is something that takes years to accomplish.
Most ads are carefully constructed and tested before being released. Tone of voice, clearness, message and a lot more topics are being evaluated. One of these topics are the persuasion techniques. Cialdini wrote a few years back a book about the 7 persuasion techniques used by companies to persuade you. Reciprocity, commitment, social proof, authority, liking, scarcity and unity. Each persuasion technique can be used in various settings. For instance: If you go grocery shopping and you get a few “saving stamps” extra. I really like these kind techniques and always try to find them in the wild.
Unlearning manifesto
Unlearning manifesto
* Thou shall not judge people on creative expressions.
* Thou shall not lose track of your words.
* Thou shall not trade in happiness for money.
* Thou shall not make awkward jokes in serious situations.
* Thou shall not be paranoid.
Modern art
Wood working
Science of persuasion
I used the same 5 personal values I think are important from the kick off week.

1. Creativity
2. Curiosity
3. Happiness
4. Humor
5. Security
Personal values
Identify behaviour
Identify a behaviour that you need to stop doing or unlearn, in order to be more aligned with this value. Be as specific as possible.
I truly believe we can make the world a “slightly” better place if we all shared and expressed our creativity. Being not open to creativity can be quite hard for me to understand. I need to learn that not everywhere is place for creativity if I ever want to work in a large company.
Sometimes my curiosity and excitement take over and I start to ramble on and on, till I reach a point where know body knows what I’m talking about except for me. Be calm and calmly express myself can be a read challenge. In these “speed talk rambles” I often lose track of the point I was trying to make and start talking nonsense. You know what they say :

> Curiosity killed the cat.
I find happiness in most things that I do and believe everybody should be able to. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, and I should keep this in mind. Depression is a real thing where lots of people suffer from.
I truly life by a quote of Charlie Chaplin :
> A day without laughter is a day wasted. - Charlie Chaplin

I find that people take this way to seriously and could lighten up a bit. However in some moments you should be serious. And being a bad judge of character I often find myself creating awkward situations where I make jokes on a serious mater.
( I’m sort of a Chandler Bing, in awkward situations. Constantly making jokes when I’m feeling awkward. )
Nowadays security is becoming more important than ever. Hackers and companies are all looking for your personal information and trying to make money of you. Companies like Facebook are even creating a “false” sense of security to obtain your information. Knowing this can make me paranoid sometimes.