WEEK 4 :
Critical Making in 3D
This week we got the assignment to work in pairs and design a 3D model in Fusion 360.

Printing an exploring packaging and modelling. We first carefully deconstructed products and saw how this product was fabricated. For instance special groves and gaps help screws and other parts connect beter. Audrey and I got to deconstruct a bike radio. This is clearly designed for practical use. The radio is packed tight together and looks / feels robust to reduce fall damage.
Flower pot
ZINE : Gcode
Gcode, or preparatory codes, is a command language that tells 3D printers and CNC routers where they have to print / cut. A typical line out of a Gcode would look like this : G1 X123.719 Y95.319 E3450.68465
G1 being the ofsset value. X and Y the position on each axis. And E being the feedrate.
Gcode was produced in 1950 at MIT. The language became populair thirty years later.
3D Flower pot
Create a 3D product design for one of the eight missing projects suggested in Jolliffe’s article
I created a flower pot for the electronic components. By measuring the components first I designed the pot around the components. I wanted to place an actual object inside the flower pot so I thought, “what would look fun, and can represent nature ?”

As a big fan of pineapples. ( My wallpaper is a picture of 3 pineapples ) This affection for pineapples originates for an episode on How I Met Your Mother, called “The pineapple incident”.
I made a flower pot in Fusion 360 a designed a pineapple in Illustrator. The flower pot was printed on the Ultimaker 2+ extended with bright yellow PLS. The pineapple was laser cut on a scrap piece of acryl. We used the 2mm acryl preset on the laser cutter.
Design Research
I was already familiar with Fusion 360 so I followed along with a Youtube video to remember all the functions. [Fusion 360 Absolute Beginner - How To Model a Lego - Last Nights Facebook Livestream - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB7yK9XJoSA)

Fusion is an easy program and enables users to get quick and dirty results.
Collaborative Learning
This week Audrey and I worked together on creating a 3D package for a few sensors. As I worked in Fusion 360 before, I was able to help Audrey get started with her idea. After a while Kaj helped Audrey with things I didn’t know. We started out by measuring the sensors and writing the measurements down. I immediately knew what I was gonna make , so I helped Audrey finding inspiration and creating an idea.

Audrey decided that we were gonna print my design so I loaded the model in the 3D printer and printed it. The material is bright yellow PLS.

The model was on a few places a little bit too tight but this was easily fixable using a steel file.
Maker Skills & Attitude
I previously worked with the 3D printer at my home and had a lot of experience with 3D printers from my high-school. So the 3D printing part wasn't really new to me. I did get a better understanding of Fusion and an Shapr3D. I used Shapr3D to design my own lego piece for a lego bus motor.